3 simple steps to healthier plants.

  • 1

    Push spikes into soil at least 2” from the stem.

  • 2

    Water your plants just like you normally would.

  • 3

    Add new spike(s) every 6–8 weeks.

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How many spikes?

Here’s a general guide, but the right amount varies based on things like soil type and sunlight exposure.

  • Small

    6-8” pot
    1 spike

  • Medium

    8–12” pot
    1–2 spikes

  • Large

    12–24” pot
    2–4 spikes

PlantKiss spikes are perfect for any indoor plant, but we don’t recommend use in pots smaller than 6” in diameter.
Hands holding PlantKiss indoor plant food spikes

Fill up on chlorophyl, but beware of burn.

Plants need chlorophyl for deep green, healthy leaves.

Most fertilizers get this by combining urea and nitrate nitrogen, but nitrate can burn the roots.

PlantKiss uses only slow-release nitrogen.

It’s the most efficient way to feed the plant and the soil, without risk of root damage.

Organic or Synthetic?

Both. And why that’s better.

Organic fertilizer
Synthetic fertilizer
Easy-to-use plant spike
Potent fertilizer
Nutritionally complete
Less risk of over fertilizing
Zero harsh chemicals
Less waste and pollution
No offensive odors
Plastic-free packaging

“The spikes are so easy to use, my fiddle leaf fig already has new growth after one week!”

Lauren, Plant + Human Mom