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5 reasons your indoor plants need plant food.

Happy woman sitting with her plants

When we domesticate our plants and nurture them indoors, we’re taking away their ability to get nutrients from natural sources that they would have access to in the wild. These include things that have decomposed in their soil, minerals from rocks breaking down over time that have been released into their soil, and even some symbiotic interactions with other organisms that may bring them nutrients.


So, it’s up to us plant parents to feed our plants a complete diet so they can still thrive. This is where plant food comes in. A good food is comprised of all of the elements a plant needs to be a healthy, growing plant. A complete plant food can…

1. Prevents Nutrient Deficiency:

Indoor plants often rely on a limited amount of soil, which can deplete essential nutrients over time. Plant food provides a replenishment of crucial elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and more, preventing nutrient deficiencies that can hinder plant growth, weaken immunity, and compromise your plant’s overall health.

2. Support Photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis is crucial for plants, and indoor plants are no exception. A good plant food equips your plant with the necessary components to ensure your plant's leaves can efficiently capture sunlight and convert it into the energy they need for growth and development.

3. Enhance Growth and Development:

As we mentioned before, indoor plants face constraints in terms of space and soil volume. Plant food acts as a growth booster, providing the extra kick of nutrients needed for robust development. Think of it as like a vitamin. It nourishes your plant so it can grow new leaves, stems, and roots.

4. Help Plants Fight Pests and Diseases:

Just like healthy people, well-fed plants are better equipped to fend off pests and diseases. Plant food strengthens your plant's natural defenses by helping it maintain a resilient structure and optimal physiological functioning

5. Keep Your Plants Beautiful:

Many of us get plants to liven up our space. Nothing is worse than looking around and seeing dying, malnourished plants. How a plant looks and appears is a great indicator of their internal health, and a complete plant food supports the production of pigments, ensuring vibrant leaf colors and patterns.

All in all, giving your plant a complete plant food is like feeding yourself a balanced diet. Plant food is essential for indoor plants to address nutrient deficiencies, support photosynthesis, and be healthy, thriving plants overall.